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Welcome to the Guys with Mics Podcast page! 

Your hosts are attorneys Scott Bassett and John Ceci

The main topics for this podcast are sports, law and technology.

We rotate sports and technology. We talk about the law almost every episode.

 Listen each week as we discuss these topics from our perspective as practicing attorneys and enthusiasts.

Lawyers with microphones...what could go wrong?

Mar 27, 2018

A driving test gone bad leads us to reminisce about our own driving experiences; John talks about his trip to the NCAA Tournament in Detroit and the Michigan Supreme Court takes an interesting case involving video! That leads to discussion about what is a

Mar 20, 2018

We begin and end with the NCAA Tournament; it was in Detroit this past weekend. Also, a drunk driver gets run over by his own car, some college prof’s are banning laptops and what’s going on with iHeart Media?

Video for Drunk Driver Run Over by His Own Car

Mar 20, 2018

As promised, here's a link the video. The link will open in a new window! Enjoy!

Mar 13, 2018

NCAA tournament, Toys R Us, a Trump Twitter court battle, possible tumult at the Supreme Court this summer and a tenacious football player are this week’s topics.

Mar 6, 2018

What states are the most sinful? A Michigan man gets amazingly lucky; so does a Connecticut woman. And is NCAA basketball sustainable as is? Listen as John actually agrees with former Pres. Obama for once!