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Welcome to the Guys with Mics Podcast page! 

Your hosts are attorneys Scott Bassett and John Ceci

The main topics for this podcast are sports, law and technology.

We rotate sports and technology. We talk about the law almost every episode.

 Listen each week as we discuss these topics from our perspective as practicing attorneys and enthusiasts.

Lawyers with microphones...what could go wrong?

Jul 31, 2018

Two guys try very unique ways to beat the heat! Larry Nassar is in the news again. And Scott won a case in the Michigan Court of Appeals, so he gets to be King for a day! He explains.

Jul 26, 2018

This special episode is a compilation of our conversations about an article Scott wrote offering tech tips for staying safe online!

Jul 24, 2018

John buys a new router…and returns it the same day! John also learns the Union Jack is not England’s flag, leading to a discussion about 80’s rock icons Def Leppard & Journey. And (another) Florida man ends up in jail.

Jul 17, 2018

Costco changes its menu; we say “Boo!” We also talk about IHOP, New Coke and Cherry Coke. The Pro Football Hall of Fame gets mad at an inductee. And the rest of Scott’s tech tips for staying safe online.

Jul 10, 2018

The World Cup reaches the knock-out stage; John offers observations and we discuss why Americans generally don’t seem to care about soccer. In tech, Scott wrote an article with many useful tips. We discuss!