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Welcome to the Guys with Mics Podcast page! 

Your hosts are attorneys Scott Bassett and John Ceci

The main topics for this podcast are sports, law and technology.

We rotate sports and technology. We talk about the law almost every episode.

 Listen each week as we discuss these topics from our perspective as practicing attorneys and enthusiasts.

Lawyers with microphones...what could go wrong?

Apr 24, 2018

A modern-day treasure hunt; when is a home run not a home run? What’s with these goofy starting times for NFL games? And (perhaps) being a smart mouth is a good idea!

Gator Pics

Apr 17, 2018

Scott's pics taken in a local state park.


Apr 17, 2018

It’s short story week. People throwing food at alligators…what are they thinking? A figurative good-bye to Gordie Howe and (maybe) Necco wafers. And, finally, the Hummer guy died.

Apr 10, 2018

It’s mostly the law this week, as we talk about a New Jersey man who couldn’t pay his littering fine, a Texas public defender who is apparently working too hard and when judges can be a problem.

Apr 3, 2018

Baseball’s back and we look at new items on the menu around the country! Video streaming could be getting faster and what’s going on with Facebook? Plus, a Pandora quiz for Scott!